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Sport Fishing in san diego

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Many new technologies and techniques for Tuna sportfishing have come into the spotlight in the last five years, and are sure to mark the path for 2020 season. 


One of the latest innovations in Tuna fishing, especially big bluefin sportfishing, is to use a kite to fly your flying fish lure (gummy flyer) or frozen flying fish bait, with the line out of the water, and showing the tuna a bait that is dipping in and out of the water. The benefits are two-fold, you get your line out of the water so that the line shy fish cannot see it, and secondly, you perfectly mimic the evasive maneuvers of a flying fish trying to escape being eaten by a school of hungry sport fish.


Much like Kite Fishing above, and used with the same lethality, on windless and calm days. The Helium ballon allows the angler to distance himself and his vessel from the keen sight of the tuna. And as in kite fishing above, it also suspends the multitude of viewable heavy pound test sport fishing line, out of the water, and out of the sight, of the keen-eyed Bluefin, Yellowfin, and other pelagic species.


sportfishing in San Diego


The prevalence of side-scan sonar is increasing due to the drastic price drop in recent years. A good side-scan sonar used to be a stand-alone system that cost 20k and up, way up! However in 2018 and 2019 advances were made in side-looking sonar, that decreases the cost and size of the side looking underwater transducer (while maintaining range). Additionally, more manufacturers are creating plug and play solutions for existing systems that allow your transducer to utilize the screens already on your boat, instead of having to buy new CPU and screen sold separately. This dramatically decreased the cost, because in effect your just buying the side scan transducer and plugging it into your existing system hub, which shares two large display screens, among all services; GPS, FISHFINDER, RADAR, etc. Several boats in our fleet have this, please call us and we will "hook" you up.

Sport Fishing in San Diego


It is now the year 2023, and Sport Fishing in San Diego has come a long way over the last one hundred years. That is about how long we have been "Sport Fishing" out of San Diego. The only sure thing you can count on as time passes is change.  Sportfishing in San Diego is no exception. With worldwide weather and ocean current changes and increasing water temperature and levels, we are sure to have a wet and wild ride in the 2020 Tuna sportfishing season. If we have abnormally high water temperatures it could lead to a boom in fishing starting as early as June, within U.S. waters, and even earlier across the Mexican border.

Sportfishing Side Looking Sonar Charter


Within the last decade, the addition of surface jumping "Gummy Flyers" have been added to the arsenal of lures that the avid angler uses in his search for big tuna. However, in the last two years this technique has evolved into one of the hottest hookup methods in and around San Diego SportFishing communities. The lures they are making are looking more and more like a real flying fish, and the bioengineering, realism, and swimming action closely mimics the flying fish, which happens to be a bluefin tuna's favorite lunch. This also makes for dramatic fishing as these giant pelagic fish surface abruptly on this bait, and often show themselves as they devour it.

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When Gummy Flyers (above) are still not getting a bite, we pull out the big guns. Each one of these frozen flying fish costs about $25. You read that right, and that is if you can even find them to buy. Some Captain's swear by this bait. Either slowly trolled or dropped behind a kite or balloon, this will call in all bluefin, yellowfin, or other tuna in the area. The only thing better would be live flying fish for bait, but I have not ever heard of that.

there is no better san diego sportfishing

We have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and coordinates to put you on the big bluefin this season. We book almost every day of summer, so please call ahead and let us know your coming. See you on the water!