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Charter Fishing In San Diego

Charter Fishing in San Diego is an age-old tradition going all the way back to the 1920s and 1930s. H & M Landing, where we debark from, has been there since 1935. But back in those days, it wasn't about taking paying customers for a day's hunt on a private six-pack charter. Prior to about 1930, instead it was about the commercial fishing boats heading out to load up on Albacore and BluefinTuna for the likes of Bumble Bee Tuna Cannery and Starkist,  which were once based in San Diego.

The nation's demand for Tuna once drove the 3rd largest industry in San Diego, right behind the U.S. Navy and Aerospace. For about 50 years, the Tuna industry roared on and Private Sport Fishing was not even born yet.

Like all things, change happened. Tightening regulations, competition from Mexico, and a declining tolerance for sein purse net fishing, along with the coastal development of San Diego into high rise hotels, and million-dollar property, eventually ended the commercial Tuna Fishing industry in San Diego by the 70's and 80's.

2 pack, 4 pack, or 6 pack charter fishing

If you only have 2 or 3 people, you can still hop on one of our smaller vessels , such as the AVERY ROSE, and go privately. One of the most popular trips we have is the 10 hour Coronado Islands trip for two people for only $1299! That price is for up to four passengers and requires a U.S. Passport in hand to book. License not included.

Alternatively, if you only have 1 or 2 people, you can also join an open party trip, which we run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the KRAKEN. If you prefer more room, may we suggest the EASTER B. Which ever charter vessel you choose, you can rest assured that you will be on a seaworthy, safe, and commercially insured vessel, and a USCG certified and drug tested Captain at the helm. All 6 Pack charters will also have a crew member available to assist, and overnight charters will have two Captains, and 1 or 2 crew to assist you.

best private fishing charters

A private fishing charter is one where the only ones that are going, are your group.  The advantage of this is obvious. If you want to plan a trip with just your buddies and no one else, there is literally no other choice but than to book your own private charter with us. For up to six people, this is the perfect bonding experience for a small group of anglers to go out and chase fish without being bombarded by 40 other people trying to catch the same fish, from the same boat, as you are. This means more personal fishing time for you, more times on the handoff trolling stops, and more overall fishing, than if you were to go on a larger open party commercial charter.


1 day, 2 day, & 3 day charter off shore trips

If what you are looking for is the BIG ONE, this is the trip for you. These trips specifically target the king of all pelagic sportfish, the mighty BLUEFIN TUNA. On this very same trip, you will also have a crack at YELLOWFIN, DORADO, YELLOWTAIL, SWORDFISH, and SAILFISH. These multiple day trips give you the range and the time to hunt down the big tuna, as far west as the Cortez and Tanner Banks, and as far south as the Butterfly Banks. Check out our new live map to pick out a spot and then give us a call at 619.508.7823



MULTIPLE sport fishing charters AVAILABLE

Private and Open Party Charter Fishing in San Diego was the next era in San Diego's fishing industry. Bill Poole and Frank Lo Preste were two of the early pioneers who brought "Sport Fishing" to the masses as a recreational endeavor. These young entrepreneurs brought the first private paying customers out to catch Tuna for fun, and the San Diego Sport Fishing industry was born! Since its inception, the private sport fishing demand has grown each year, with more and more anglers coming to try their hand catching big tuna, for the fun of it.

 top six pack fishing charter

A 6-Pack Fishing charter is defined by the fact that the vessel is set to a maximum number of passengers, no greater than six, by regulations of the US Coast Guard. Six Pack Charters are smaller, faster, and more expensive than the big party boats that can handle up to eighty (80) people. Rather than being shoulder to shoulder with your fellow anglers as you all tangle, on a private six-pack you can enjoy the luxury of a limited load and have plenty of space to fish! Additionally, you can enjoy a greater level of luxury including private and larger bunk rooms, hot showers, gourmet food, custom trip, and a 2 to 1 passenger/crew count.

Fishing Charters departing out of San Diego usually are separated into trips by the HALF DAY, 3/4 DAY, FULL DAY, 24 HOUR, and MULTI-DAY trips. Here at San Diego Fishing Company, we offer all of these trip to both U.S. Waters as well as Mexico, the Coronado Islands, the San Clemente Islands, and the Outer Banks as well! For complete pricing and to check out availability head on over to our online booking page or give us a call.